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This is my dog, Lily. My sister and I bought her, without my dads permission and brought her home as a puppy about a year ago. My dad hates her, but me & my 2 sisters love her to death. This dog helps me cope with my depression and shes always great company to my sisters and I. My dad describes her as “tolerable.” Today, after having this dog for over a year, my dad is saying she needs to go, while he is angry at us for bringing her home, she has become part of the family and we can’t get rid of her, it’s too painful. After begging my dad for a while, he was still stuck on getting rid of her. I mentioned tumblr as a final option, and surprisingly he agreed to it. If I can get 200,000 notes by the end of July, we can keep her. He thinks it’s impossible, but I have faith. I’ve seen tumblr do it before. Please guys help me, I love this dog more than myself. Please oh please :c 


Prestigious Butler Ramsay is unimpressed by this blatant display of affection. It is not very gentleman-like. 

"Justice never sleeps", whisper the manchildren as they get tucked into bed in their footie pyjamas.

The bravest men in the world prepare to defend the world from ignorant mothers who send hate to sixteen year old girls.

Weird Band Blog Questions
1: If you were a tv producer and you had to choose 5 band members to live together for a reality show, who would you choose?
2: If you had to get lyrics tattooed on your body, which lyrics would they be?
3: Older music or newer music?
4: What would you do if you worked at a restaurant and your favorite band showed up?
5: Have you ever written a letter or given a gift to a band member?
6: What 3 songs make you ridiculously happy?
7: If you were in a band, what instrument would you play?
8: Favorite band member of all time?
9: Have you ever gotten a tweet from your favorite band?
10: How do you feel about mosh pits?
11: Have you met your favorite band yet?
12: Name three bands you can't stand other than Blood On the Dancefloor or Brokencyde
13: Did you go through an embarrassing scene or emo phase?
14: How do you feel about bands that never change their sound?
15: How do you feel about bands who have gone in a completely different direction with their sound?
16: have you ever had a bad concert experience?
17: Mark Hoppus or Pete Wentz?
18: How many songs do you have on your ipod/phone/whatever right now?
19: What was the first song from your favorite band that you've ever heard?
20: Have you ever been stereotyped because of the type of music you listen to?
21: Have you ever lost respect for a band member/band for somethign they said or did?
22: Would you rather be a roadie or a band member?
23: Have you ever listened to a few seconds of a song and just thought "fuck no." and turned it off?
24: Are you good at songwriting?
25: Guitar or Bass?

you guys really i don’t have a life please talk to me ask me things invade my privacy

Poor Joshua is forced to run from the exploding ovaries of fangirls. 

what other bands do you like?

oh dear jesus here we go

  • marianas trench*
  • fall out boy
  • panic! at the disco
  • blink-182
  • versaemerge
  • tonight alive 
  • yellowcard
  • all time low
  • you me at six
  • pierce the veil
  • sleeping with sirens
  • mayday parade
  • hedley
  • late nite reading
  • the story so far
  • paramore
  • the cab
  • green day
  • jack’s mannequin
  • the maine
  • mcfly
  • muse
  • of mice & men
  • paradise fears
  • the pretty reckless
  • simple plan
*i say marianas is my favorite band because fob has reached a level of godliness they’re not even a band anymore they’re a life choice
Is Josh single or with Amanda?

list of things that i do not care about:

  • math
  • my sister’s french project
  • who celebrities are dating

you guys can like submit things ya know

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